Quickpayportal: Pay medical bills online with less efforts at Are  you new to paying medical bills online? this is the place where you can learn how to use Quickpay portal to pay all your medical bills.
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Gone are those days, where you have to stand in a queue in the Hospital, carrying the cash to pay the medical bills. The technology has made our lives  more comfortable. Now we can  pay bills online staying at any remote location by making use of the Internet. Thanks to Quickpayportal.  It is a service, which enables the users to pay medical bills online. The official web address for this portal is and the portal is powered by the company known as Athena Health which provides cloud based health care services in United states of America.

Advantages of Quickpayportal

  • The quickpayportal can be accessed at anytime and anywhere in order to pay the bills. 
  • Quick pay portal is very safe and secure to use and it provides complete safety for your information.
  • After paying through quick pay portal the remaining balance will be easily listed on your bill
  • The patients can use the mobile or any other devices in order to pay the bills at any time.

How to use Quickpayportal @

  • Paying Medical bills using Quickpayportal is very easy. All you need is the 15 digit quickpay code, Statement ID or the access Code which you can find on the patient statement.
  •  visit and simply enter the quickpay code and click on the blue colored sign in button. 
  • Now you will be redirected to a page where you can see the patient details and the bill amount. 
  • After thoroughly checking all the information, go for making the bill payment.
One thing users look after while paying bills online is the security. Paying medical bills using Quickpayportal is more quick and secure. Also you can use your Visa card, Master card, Discover and  American express etc to make the payment.

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Many Hospitals in United states have made Quickpayportal service available to their patients to pay their bills. Those who are not able to pay the bill at the Hospital can use this service to pay. Also you will not be charged a single penny for the service and is available 24/7.


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